Cars Of Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area is a personal photography and blogging project

December, 2016

There are so many things that contribute to the rich cultural diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area. Since moving here in 2016, one thing I noticed was the widespread enthusiasm about show vehicles. My goal is to provide a place where these vehicles and their owners are catalogued and shared for the world to admire and respect.

Spend any time around the owner of a show vehicle, and you’ll feel the non-stop energy that fuels the passion for their vehicle. I’ll be writing stories and captions that introduce you to these owners. What you learn about them will help you fully appreciate the labor of love that is a show vehicle.

The site is called “Cars Of Oakland” but there will be motor vehicles of all types featured: cars, trucks, vans, you name it! Muscle cars, hot rods, street rods, vintage and classics, specialty and exotics, kit cars, collector vehicles, restorations. So many types of show vehicles, and one day all will be represented on this website.

There will also be news about car club events and car shows.

I hope this will be a long-lasting, on-going project that will challenge my creativity, and keep my weekends BUSY. And, I hope to meet some cool peeps along the way!

— Tony Bear!